Professional Deep Muscle Therapy Massage Gun Percussion

It’s very loud and the motor tends to emit a smell while operating. but, satisfied clients like the manner the Bivi offers a much broader variety of intensity stages compared to these pinnacle brands.

As you continue the usage of a rubdown gun over the muscle gun, your muscular tissues loosens up and may cope with a better depth without the ache.

TimTam strength Massager

TimTam power Massager v1.5 Deep Tissue massage Gun

TimTam power Massager v1.5 Deep Tissue rubdown Gun

Therapeutic: facilitates destroy down knots, growth…

Powerful: can provide up to 2000 strokes in line with minute.

Durable: patent-pending threaded shaft affords…


Covered with the aid of a 1-year warranty

Exceptional fee


Very loud

Prone to breaking

Battery life shortens over the years with use

Best 1 velocity

TimTam’s rub down gun is the most inexpensive in this listing, however it indicates in the stage of nice. rest confident, it’s effective whilst working, but the substances and workmanship aren’t pinnacle-notch.Many clients have had it break after a while, or ordered a defective unit. Others have complained the rechargeable battery wears down over the years, inflicting it to want frequent charging.

TimTam power Massager – How-to apply on Shoulder + Scaps

Luckily, TimTam consists of a 1-12 months assurance with the product. After that, you have to desire it lasts.Despite the fact that, you’re getting amazing value for the quantity you pay, as it absolutely gives you the strength and speed to penetrate muscle mass and loosen anxiety.

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