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You can advantage again your self belief and extremely good appears the usage of a hair system that works for you. We provide each pre-made and custom hair structures.

Custom Hair machine

Custom hair substitute structures for guys are to be had in 2 sizes, full Mens Hairpieces and top of the head Wigs:

Full Head Wigs: Theses wigs can be constructed of the equal material as toupees, however poly skin is usually no longer used, as it tends to be too warm for complete head insurance. To ensure a great becoming custom hair gadget, a well-made template is recommended as well as a few hair samples that show the combination of colours and the gray chances, if applicable.

Top of the top: they’re sometimes known as toupees with a base length much less than 8” x 10”.  They may be constructed with all of the famous base materials. relying on the base material and your wearing preference, they can be attached to your scalp with tape or glue for each day or permanent (2-4 weeks) put on.


Custom hairpieces and wigs require a template and hair samples and take about 6 weeks to build for you.  once we’ve all the specs like hair color, density and wave, we can without problems reorder them whenever you need one.

Complete Head Hair system

To acquire a great becoming full head wig for a man, we need to begin with a properly-made template that shows the right curvature of the pinnacle in addition to the hairline and sideburn areas.

The most famous base fabric selections are:

  • excellent Mono
  • French Lace
  • skin Graft
  • …or a aggregate of the 3 substances!

Further to the bottom cloth, you furthermore mght need to decide:Perimeter cloth – Poly pores and skin together with Glass Silk, PU lined or PU See thru

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